About us!

Norsk Lydteknikk AS was founded in 1999 as a distributor of high quality audio equipment for professional users. We represent a small number of brands - who have a wide range of products for the contractor market. 
We do a number of brands that integrate well with each other.  We are not a box-shifting distributor; rather, we want to add value and justify our position in the marketplace by assisting integrators and supplying end-to-end solutions.

Best credit rating!
Dun & Bradstreet rating - AAA for the fifth consecutive year. 

Our staff has over 30 years experience in the industry - our customers guarantee of a successful project. 

Norsk Lydteknikk AS has been named Australian Monitor "distributor of the year in 2006 and 2009
Distributor of the Year – Norsk Lydteknikk AS, Norway.
Bjorn and his team have excelled with all of the Australian 
Monitor offerings and given the market size of Norway in 
comparison to some of the larger EU Countries their sales 
figures are nothing short of amazing. Well done, this award 
is well deserved.  Greg Collins, Australian Monitor

We are exlucive distributor for the following brands:
Symetrix (USA)
LARQ Systems (NO)
ClockAudio (UK)
Community Loudspeakers (USA)
Ecler (ES)
Mipro Electronics (TW)
Attero Tech (US)
Stewart Audio (US)
Point Source Audio (US)
t&m Systems (DE)
Sonodyne (IN)
Furman (US)

Bjørn Fjeld  
General Manager 
Tel.: +47 6490 7006 (direct) 
e-mail: bjorn(a)norsklydteknikk.com